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Special Ways for You to Help The Least, The Last, The Lost

In helping others can be found personal, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment unequaled by any other acts of kindness. Cherished moments that can't be duplicated in homeless men along fenceany other way. Gifts of smiles, gratitude and hope given back by those you help... those who can not repay... but simply receive of your generosity.

This Estate Planning section is provided for you to explore the many ways and ideas of how you can be a part, truly a partner, in the shaping and developing of these men and women seeking help to break the chains of homelessness, addiction and poverty that bind them.

Through Planned Giving, your gifts and support of Gospel Rescue Mission, enable you to become ministers, literally servants, working side by side with us to help bring these men, women and children out of desperate situations. Your rewards will be more than potential tax savings, momentary emotional feelings or fulfillment... Your rewards will last an eternity.

SECTION ONE..."Stories and Examples"

Real People, Real Examples of Help through Planned Giving

There are many different ways to support Gospel Rescue Mission. The stories provided in the "Stories and Examples" tab share some of the different ways people can become partners with us in changing the lives of homeless and/or addicted men and women.

senior couple in planned giving pageThese stories cover examples for:

  • Wills and Bequests
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Retirement Assets
  • Gifts ofAppreciated Stock
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
Also different types of Trusts are highlighted for you.
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Remainder Trust
  • Lead Trust


Questions, Questions, Questions

Questions are the building blocks to understanding and comfort. As you already know, when we don't understand something usually we will get tense, unsettled and wary.

In the "FAQ's" - (Frequently Asked Questions) tab, you will find several answers to some of the most asked questions about Estate Planning and Planned Giving topics and how they apply to you.

Questions Like:

  • Why does everyone need a will?
  • Can I use my insurance to benefit charitable organizations?
  • How often should I update my will or trust?
  • Should I name a charity as trustee of my charitable remainder trust?
  • What happens to my assets in a trust for a charity if the charity goes out of business before the expiration of the trust?
  • and many more...

SECTION THREE..."Reference Info"

Quick and Easy Explanations...

In our "Reference Info" section we have

  • A "Glossary" of terms
  • Several expanded explanations of Bequests and Trusts as they relate to Planned Giving and/or Estate Planning.

You can also visit our "News and Information Feed" allowing you to read about news and information as it relates to planned giving.

SECTION FOUR..."Forms and Worksheets"

Need to Plan your Goals?... More Information Needed?... Already made an Estate Plan?...

In the "Forms and Worksheets" section, a "Goals Worksheet" is provided to help you sort through the many options available to you when you are planning your "Planned Giving Goals".

If you would like more information concerning planned Giving or Estate Planning please use our "Information Request Form" available under the "Forms and Worksheets" tab also.

If you have already included Gospel Rescue Mission in your estate plans, please let me know by calling me, Danny Hansen at (520) 740-1501, or filling out our "Estate intention Form". I would like to assist you in making certain your intentions will be carried out.

Regardless of your charitable intent, If you have not written a will yet, please consider this - Why does everyone need a will?

SECTION FIVE..."Contact Us"

Help... As Easy As A Phone Call Away...

I will be glad to answer questions and offer suggestions confidentially based on your personal circumstances. Please call me Today, at (520) 740-1501, or e-mail me using the "information Request Form".

On Behalf of all of us here at The Gospel Rescue Mission I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We appreciate your taking the time to review our materials, and we hope that you find this information to be helpful and interesting.

As you can tell, there are a variety of ways that you can both provide for your own financial security and offer valuable support to Gospel Rescue Mission.

In addition, Waitingthe emotional rewards, which can only be described by those who have felt them, make supporting us a life-changing experience. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Gospel Rescue Mission and our mission through a "Planned Gift".

I look forward to a lasting relationship with you as together, we minister to The Least, The Last, and The Lost.


Danny Hansen
Associate Executive Director & Pastor
Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson


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